Some pictures from the soup runs

Over the next few weeks I am going to put together some pictures of the soup runs (taken at a distance to obscure individual identities) and give a pictorial record of how many people are attending the different runs at different times.  These pictures were taken over the space of about half an hour at one location (Lincolns Inn Fields).  This is one of the main locations but there are a few others serving as many people.  I also really want to record the market traders collecting quality clothes, blankets and sleeping bags from the vans as well (yes, you read that right- traders collect sleeping bags and blankets designed to keep rough sleepers warm and sell them at markets throughout London).

When the weather gets better and the evenings get lighter, I’ll be able to video the queues and the food on offer and then it will be much, much easier to get a clearer view because I can pan round and give a better indication of the huge numbers that attend and how much they take over an entire area.  I apologise for the blurriness of the images – I was pretending to send text messages on my phone!

These pictures show about 250 people arriving over about half an hour.  There are better captions on my twitter site.

This was taken at the top right hand corner of Lincolns Inn Fields before the soup runs started (about 6pm) and before anyone else had arrived.

The first people start to arrive at 7.00pm

The first van with food arrives and a handful of people run down but most wait.  This van hands out spicy rice and cake.

Within the space of ten minutes, numbers start to increase significantly…

Within another ten minutes the numbers have increased to 250 people…

There are four large groups queueing for different handouts…

This is what they are queueing for:

Note that many of the people in the pictures above are still queueing for food even though they have plates in their hands indicating that they have already eaten.  They are queueing to collect more food to take home.  The picture below is of people carrying away large bags of food.  It is typical to see dozens of people collecting food like this.


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