Last night’s dream

When I woke up this morning Yessir asked me if I’d slept well and I said ‘yes, but I had a really vivid dream which was really strange. I dreamed that I was in a really rural part of China and visited a museum and they asked me to buy the museum and for some reason I agreed because they seemed so desperate, but it turned out to be…’ And at this point we both burst out giggling and said together ‘a financial burden’. Oh yeah, can’t think what that dream was trying to tell me! Anyway we had a good laugh about it. This (if you’re interested – and I appreciate there’s nothing more boring than other people’s dreams – is the full thing).

It was a museum compound in the middle of nowhere and to be honest it was pretty rubbish. They’d tried to make some dusty exhibits look interesting but had done a bad job of it and everyone looked really disheartened. Then they asked me to buy it for £5995 and I surprised myself by saying yes straightaway even though that was every penny in my bank account (I don’t have that in my bank account if you were wondering). After I realised it was a silly thing to do but I thought never mind because the worst thing that could happen was that the museum would fall down. However it turned out that they had a huge number of people on the staff and I immediately felt responsible for them and decided to get everyone to work to turn the museum into something everyone would want to visit.

I felt exhausted at the thought of all the work it would take and felt stupid that I’d taken on such a burden and hoped my enthusiasm and energy would carry us all through. I decided to take a walk to clear my head and just outside the walls of the museum (it was like an old chinese-style courtyard) I was amazed to see that we were on the shore of the Caspian Sea (I know that makes no sense geographically) and I thought this would save us all – we could turn the museum into a resort with attached culture museum. The beach was beautiful and i went to swim in the sea. However the water suddenly disappeared. I asked someone what was happening and he said yes the sea is beautiful round here but it disappears and reappears constantly.

Can’t think what that all means heh heh!


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I'm Tom. This is my art!
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